Here are a few questions that are typically asked!  If you have any additional questions, please contact Nationals Director, Scotti Marshburn at or 1-800-477-8868



  1. Is Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM a "stay to play" event?  Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM is a partner perfect event!  What does partner perfect mean?  It means you are required to book rooms through THS that offers a myriad of hotels (all different price ranges, locations) to fit your teams needs AND you receive a rebate back for your rooms!  So partner perfect is not the same as your typical "stay to play" event.  You are guaranteed a hotel that WANTS cheerleaders and dancers at the lowest possible rate and with a rebate back to the team.  It is PERFECT!  
  2. Where is the Myrtle Beach Convention Center located? 2101 North Oak Street; Myrtle Beach, SC 29578.  You can visit their website at
  3. Can I pre-purchase admission tickets?  YES! Tickets must be purchased on site at the convention center ticket booth or on-line. At the event, multi-day tickets can be purchased so spectators do not have to stand in line each day!
  4. How much do spectator tickets cost?  Weekend Pass - Adults = $ 55;   Daily Rate - Adults = $ 20;    Child (10 & under) Free
  5. Do parents pay for the pep rally? Parents are asked to make a minimum of a $1 donation for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for entry into the Cheer It is a Luau theme this year so grab your tropical gear and get ready for some fun!
  6. What rules do scholastic teams follow?  AACCA Rules and Guidelines with some limitations for Junior High and Middle School teams listed under "F. Tosses".
  7. What rules do recreation teams follow? AACCA Rules and Guidelines for Advanced Division teams and Limitations on AACCA Rules and Guidelines for Intermediate Division teams.
  8. What rules do all-star and dance teams follow?  United States All-Star Federation Rules(USASF).
  9. When are awards held?  Individual Cheerleader and Stunt Team Nationals, Dance Nationals, and Open Collegiate Championships Awards will be held on Friday, March 15, 2019 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.   Team awards are held throughout the day on Sunday, March 17, 2019. The competition schedule will be posted to the web approximately March 9, 2019. 
  10. What is the practice like for Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM? Team CANAM wants all teams to have as much practice as possible.  With that said, there are over 7000 competitors that all want to practice!  Cheer Ltd. has a warm up arena that has scheduled times for practice before you actually compete.  Nobody is allowed into this practice facility other than coaches and participants.  This is a closed area dedicated to practice and "getting it together mentally" before a team competes.  Each team has times allotted in their rotation. If there is any available additional practice time, Cheer Ltd will communicate that to the coaches closer to the event.  If a team seeks additional time, they should reach out to gyms and programs in the Myrtle Beach area. 
  11. Can video cameras be brought into the convention center? Yes.  You may video the performances but please make sure you are not in judges line of sight. 
  12. Are there athletic trainers and EMT's on site? Yes.  Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM provides certified athletic trainers in the case of an emergency.  These trainers are not there to tape and wrap teams.  Please bring your own tape and wrap if you require it.  The trainers are there to assist in injuries and accidents.  EMT's are provided for emergency situations. 
  13. Is there food sold at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center? Yes.  The snack bars as well as assorted kiosks are set up throughout the weekend for spectators and competitors. 
  14. Do you have wheelchair access for those with physical disabilities? We do not provide wheelchairs, but if a spectator has a wheelchair and requires help to see the competition, the arena facilitator will gladly help assist them to the proper location.
  15. Is Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM an "Open" event? Yes for All Stars, Dance, Special Athletes, Individual Cheerleaders, Stunt Groups and Collegiate teams. All School and Recreation teams are required to qualify at a Cheer Ltd One Day Championship, UCA Championship or by video qualification.  Defending champions receive an automatic defending champion bid to defend their title. Special sanctioned competitions and videos bids are also available. For more information on qualification and bid events, contact Cheer Ltd at 800-477-8868.
  16. Are there refunds given? All deposits are non-refundable and no refunds for any reason are given after December 31.
  17. Are hover boards or similar allowed? For the safery of participants and attendees at our events, Cheer Ltd does not allow the use of "Hover Boards, "Razor Scooters", RipStiks", "Skateboards" or any similar wheeled conveyances outside the competition venue or inside the competition venue or in the pre-function space.  The only wheeled conveyances allowed will be those that have been deemed medically necessary for the individual using it (wheelchairs, medical knee walkers, etc).  


For more information on this event, please contact:
Scotti Marshburn at Cheer Ltd 


March 20-22, 2020

General Preliminary Schedule for Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM 2020 - TBD

Friday, March 20, 2020

7:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Registration

11:00 AM - Scholastic/Rec Day1 Nationals

4:00 PM - Collegiate Championships

7:00 PM - Cheer Y'all Pep Rally

*Times are approximate


Saturday, March 21, 2020

9:00 AM - Day 1  All-Star Competition

9:00 AM - Day 2 Scholastic/Rec Nationals

9:00 AM - Dance Nationals

Award Ceremonies


Sunday, March 22, 2020

9:00 AM - Day 2 All-Star Competition

Award Ceremonies


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