The Cheer Ltd. CANAM Crazies/Sportsmanship Award was established by Cheer Ltd. to celebrate the best fans and sportsmanship in cheerleading.  Sportsmanship, creativity and energy are the keys to winning the coveted CANAM Crazies/Sportsmanship Award and the parents/fans as well as our CANAM teams have a great time applying all three as they plan costumes, make posters, design banners, welcome other teams, and show their true spirit and pride.  Fans and athletes are observed and evaluated all weekend!


The event staff from Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM will observe the athletes and coaches and fans throughout Friday and Saturday during the event, out around the city, in the elevators, at the hotels (wherever our staff happen to be they will be looking) for those programs and teams that display sportsmanship...ALWAYS!  Event staff will vote on Saturday for their pick of the best based on their observation. 


Additionally, on Saturday of the event, one event staff will be stationary in both competition arenas to observe the CANAM Crazies - Fans that show their spirit and pride from miles away!  The "judge" in an arena (A, B, C) will decide on the top three of the best FANS in the STANDS!


Between the voting of the event staff and the judge for CANAM Crazies, the Cheer Ltd. administration team will tally and report the top three teams/programs (from each Arena) that are in contention for the CANAM Crazies and Sportsmanship Award!  Top three finalists from each location will be posted at 9:00 AM on the big screens! 


During an award ceremony (particular award ceremony will be determined closer to the event)  the top three will be called out again and the winner announced!  The parents, fans, and athletes will be awarded $250 cash and the CANAM Crazies Cup!



Here is a guide to get your fans going—let the creativity flow as ideas spring from these guidelines:


  • Visual appeal is a key criterion in the CANAM Crazies Contest—the more visual, the better our judges like it!  Costumes are a great idea (Alpha Athletics parents and fans were all decked out in pink - we even had a flamingo costume, for example) as are funny hats, body paint (within acceptable limits, please!), etc.
  • Signs are a great way to enhance the visual, but make sure to keep those signs down while teams are performing.  Obstructing someone’s view is not the way to the judges’ hearts!
  • Enthusiastic and vocal support of the team is essential for potential CANAM Crazies winners…from the priority seating area!  Have your cheers ready and your voices primed to greet your team’s appearance on the mat.  Just remember—only appropriate words, gestures, and positive phrases are allowed!)  We recommend that potential CANAM Crazies practice a few times while the team is practicing before coming to CANAM—it will help your timing and that delicate balance of supporting the team and not distracting the team.
  • We’ve had CANAM Crazies who gave out little things to random spectators that were in keeping with their theme . . . ones who sang a little song before their team came on . . . or CANAM Crazies whose cars were decorated even better than they were!  
  • Cheering for the other teams in your division is a great way to the judges’ hearts…after all, we are here for some great competition, so let your competitors know that you appreciate their hard work and their terrific routine…and at the end of the weekend, may the best team win!
  • The top three finalists (from each arena of the convention center) will be posted on the jumbo screens by 9 AM on Sunday of CANAM.  The top 3 will need to be in the competition arena in all their gear during that arena’s CANAM Crazies award ceremony (to be determined closer to the event). 
  • CANAM/Cheer Ltd. event staff will make their decision based on everything observed on Friday and Saturday of CANAM weekend.  The decision of the event judges is final and they will choose one CANAM Crazies Award for scholastics/recreation teams and one CANAM Crazies Award for all-star teams.  The CANAM Crazies Sportsmanship award will be presented on Sunday of CANAM.  The winning team in Arena A, winning team in Arena B, and winning team in Arena C will receive $250 for the team and the CANAM Crazies Sportsmanship Cup.  Cheer Ltd. believes in the spirit of the sport and considers this one of the greatest honors we award.  Cheer Ltd. Nationals, as in life, believes it is not whether you win or lose…but how you play the game.


Good Luck to each team and remember every athlete, parent, coach, and fan makes an impact on this coveted award.  Make Cheer Ltd. proud, make your team proud, make your hometown proud, and make yourself proud!

March 20-22, 2020

General Preliminary Schedule for Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM 2020 - TBD

Friday, March 20, 2020

7:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Registration

11:00 AM - Scholastic/Rec Day1 Nationals

4:00 PM - Collegiate Championships

7:00 PM - Cheer Y'all Pep Rally

*Times are approximate


Saturday, March 21, 2020

9:00 AM - Day 1  All-Star Competition

9:00 AM - Day 2 Scholastic/Rec Nationals

9:00 AM - Dance Nationals

Award Ceremonies


Sunday, March 22, 2020

9:00 AM - Day 2 All-Star Competition

Award Ceremonies


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