Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM - MARCH 17-19, 2017

A Spirited Tradition Since 1988

For over 28 years Cheer Ltd. Inc. has worked to make the sport of cheerleading safe, professional, and a passion - A SPIRITED TRADITION!  The Cheer Ltd. teams strives to provide EACH AND EVERY athlete an experience that will be remembered - ALWAYS AND FOREVER!  Cheer Ltd. is proud to be the company to bring to you Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM.  Many wonder why the name "CANAM" was chosen.  In 1988 when Cheer Ltd. opened its doors, the plan was to hold an International Championship between USA and Canadian teams.  The first ever CANAM was held in Canada and the second was held in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The original plan was to alternate between Canada and the USA, but after the 2nd Annual "CANAM Challenge Cup" in Myrtle Beach, the choice was made to make Myrtle Beach, SC home to CANAM!  For the past 26 years and many more to come - Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM - TRIED AND TRUE will be the best competition weekend in Myrtle Beach!  Sand, surf, fun, and amazing competition...what more could any athlete ask for? 



Cheerleading is our sport!  Everything Cheer Ltd. provides is with athletes in mind - START TO FINISH.  Cheer Ltd. Nationals at CANAM is a first-rate National Championship for all age levels in cheer and dance.


Browse through the following pages and select the type of team you have and see how you fit into the Cheer Ltd. family and additionally into the Varsity Spirit Family!  We are proud to still offer you all that was amazing about Cheer Ltd. along with all that is amazing at Varsity Spirit!  

Parents Place

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Pep Rally

Cheer Ltd. will kick off the weekend with the Cheer Y'all Pep Rally! 

Fun Fun Fun!


CANAM Crazies

All the fun for crazy fans!

Want to win $250?

Information about our CANAM Crazies & Sportsmanship



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